Kevin O’Grady

Kevin O'Grady

Kevin O’Grady

President & Co-Chief Investment Officer

Kevin serves as the firm’s CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer and is lead manager for the firm’s Capital Appreciation strategy.

Kevin brings a diverse background to investing. After graduating from Brown University with a concentration in healthcare economics, he earned an M.D. from Stanford University, and completed internal medicine residency and an M.S. degree in Health Services at UCLA. His subsequent career roles included Research Scientist at the RAND Corporation Department of Economics, Vice President of the Health Data Institute, a Boston-based healthcare cost management firm serving Fortune 100 companies, president and founder of CHI, a healthcare data company which he sold to a private equity firm, and Chief Financial Officer of Valence Semiconductor.

Kevin’s avocational interest in investing evolved to his managing “family and friends” money. His success led to appearances in Barron’s, a national financial publication, and to his founding of Palo Capital in 2005.